Lost in the Desert


I signed a two-year contract to work in Saudi Arabia as a Staff Nurse. At first, I was ambivalent about my decision to pursue living in an unfamiliar place far from my comfort zone. Because as far as I know Saudi is not most of my fellow nurses dreamed of landing, but since it was the easiest country to go to, I prepared myself for this new and exciting challenge.

I was culture shock the first time I set my foot inside the country, I know it’s a very conservative and religious country because I’ve read their culture and traditions on the internet before I went here. And so, I have to acquire those like wearing abaya and Tarha whenever you have to go out your from your house, or you are not allowed to eat pork, drink alcohol beverages nor eat in a restaurant without being separated from males. These are just some examples of their traditions. Unfortunately, since you are a foreigner to their native land, you have to abide by their rules.


Here in the Desert, you will experience three kinds of weather. Most of the months you will experience hot weather especially when you are outside your house or workplace. But don’t worry because most houses and buildings here are air-conditioned. Cold weather starts on December and ends around January to February. It is very rare to have a rainy day here but be prepared to be a backlash by the sandstorm.


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