Saudi Life (Part 1)

As of today, my mind is jumbling with thoughts of how to start telling you about my journey here in Buraydah. Well just please bear with my writing skills because I am no professional here neither am a good story-teller. So… “Que sera sera!!!”

I have been here in Saudi for almost one year and eight months now. I could say it’s been a roller coaster ride since day one! And I can’t wait to go home in the Philippines to wear off my Abaya and Tarha to explore the outside world again. Don’t get me wrong, It’s not that I don’t like here, It’s just that I can’t see myself staying here forever. I wonder how some of my fellow Filipinos here that I know can stay for like a gazillion year haha! Anyway, It’s their own choice and I salute them for that!

Well as I was saying, I have met new friends along the way, not only my “Kababayans” but also some other nationalities.


The little kid is an Indian and the one holding her is a Pakistani (Sorry.. She is not allowed to show her face)


Say Hi to my little friend here, She’s a Saudian, and I’ve been teaching her Tagalog. Me: say, Bata… HER: Batuta!


Here in my workplace, there are no high-rise buildings because Buraydah is a provincial state where you can see a lot of farm and sand dunes. Most of the people here are Saudi native, but there are also other nationalities like Egyptian, Indian, Syrian, Pakistani, Indonesian, and of course Filipinos.


You can not see any extravagant building nor houses, hence, the outside are just plain and simple, yet when you try to enter some of the houses, you will surely be blown away by the decorations and interior of their houses.


Our boss’s farm, He’s shooing away his sheep. We visited their farm, and they own plenty of livestock.





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