What’s good about your job?

There were days I ask this myself, What’s good about my job?…  and then I looked back at my station with piles of paperwork waiting to be done, another patient started complaining pain, pending medications needed to be given, doctors started making rounds, a new admission coming, and to top it all… I’m all alone! whew!

Being part of the medical skilled workers comes with great responsibility. Indeed, it’s a tough job compared to those who sits in the office and just waiting for their paycheck. It is a no joke to handle people’s lives for one single mistake can’t undo or edit a situation. Back when I was still a student, all I know were how to memorize a procedure or how to answer multiple choice,  in short how to gain good grades. Never would I’ve thought that not all I’ve learned in school wasn’t practiced in reality. That there are more to life than what we read in the books.

Before, I wanted to quit my job because of the arduous and tedious journey I have to go through each day. Plus, the salary is so demeaning albeit the fact that you studied for four years. What makes me stay? Well, It’s the people who still know how to say thank you and those who know how to appreciate your hard work. I’m also fascinated by how my patients recuperated after days or weeks of being admitted. I loved the fact that I get to touch a stranger’s life and be able to implicate at their weakest point. Also, with my years of experience from this job, it taught me a lot of things. One is being brave when everyone is down. Two, wear your patience every time. Three, be healthy. I know it’s a cliche in the medical field, but I’m afraid of needles too you know.

My chosen career is not perfect, I know, but I believe that there is always rewarding about this job that makes me feel proud.



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